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Video Transcript

CEO Ron Vassallo on Kaptivate's Core Values: READIE. 

At Kaptivate, we're always ready for the next challenge but that's not what we mean when we say we're READIE! So let’s get started…

We're Resilient. Yes, we've had our fair share of lumps. But we learn, adapt, and keep advancing. We can make a mean lemonade.

We're Empowering. We believe in fostering an environment where we, our partners, and our clients, can reach their full potential.

We're Agile. For our clients, that means we're always doing the critical thinking that keeps them ready for the next move.

We’re advocates for Diversity of Thought. We celebrate different perspectives and the battle of ideas. We believe it’s our secret sauce for innovation.

We're Integrity-Minded. Our clients trust us because we guide our decisions with honesty and transparency.

And finally, we're Empathetic. We understand that behind every organization and every mission, there are people with unique challenges and aspirations. We listen, we step into your shoes, and we have your back.

So, yeah, we're READIE. It's our commitment to staff, partners, communities, and clients that
we're values-driven in everything we do.So, if you're looking for a team that's ready to make you better, Kaptivate is READIE for you.