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Client Story: Torpedo Factory

Torpedo Factory Artist Association Business Planning and Communications & Economic Impact Study

Project Highlights

Business Plan

Public Relations

Economic Impact Analysis

Strategic Planning

kat kempe

"Knowing your audience is the core of strategic communications. In an era of information overload, successful strategic communications strategies require adaptability, creativity, and a deep understanding of what motivates your audience to take action."
Kat Kempe, Senior Director

CEO Ron Vassallo and EVP Otto Orantes discuss how Kaptivate helped the Torpedo Factory Art Center remember its legacy and build a sustainable economic model.

Kaptivate developed a comprehensive business plan and communications strategy, in collaboration with an artist community, that could substantiate the Torpedo Factory Artists Association's (TFAA) ability to manage the iconic Torpedo Factory.

The business planning and communications effort was an extraordinarily complex initiative undertaken in the midst of institutional crisis. The array of stakeholders, including the center ‘s 600,000 visitors, involved in this historic art center made for a challenging exercise in an extremely limited time span. The end-to-end business planning and communications process included the following activity:

  • Developed the communications strategy (including talking points and briefing books) for releasing the business plan to the public and advocating for artist control of the center.
  • Organized, conducted consumer research, and co-authored an economic impact study establishing the Torpedo Factory as a centerpiece asset for the City of Alexandria.
  • Launched multimedia and multichannel communications campaign including an extensive local and national public relations campaign.

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