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Federal Highway Administration: Field Outreach Policy Communications

Kaptivate provides strategic policy and communication support to help FHWA communicate the US Department of Transportation’s vision, policies, and progress. Through integrated policy, public affairs and strategic communications we helped DOT realize new networks, alliances and ways to engage localized audiences.

Project Highlights


Social Media Plan

Strategic Communications

Search Engine Optimization


Crisis Communications

To share important research and policy updates from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), a detailed communication plan was created. This plan has several key parts. First, Kaptivate developed a clear strategy to inform the public about USDOT's research and policy topics. We also identified and involved important partners who can help achieve our goals. We carefully crafted messages that reflected USDOT's position on these issues. Additionally, we established a strong online presence with a well-thought-out website and social media strategy, including SEO to reach more people.

Kaptivate also planned virtual webinars to discuss these topics and provided support during crises. Recognizing the importance of the media, we found media outlets and reporters who were open to sharing USDOT's information. We conducted thorough research to understand key stakeholders, including media contacts, social media accounts, associations, and related organizations. This complete approach was designed to improve USDOT's communication, ensuring that research and policies reach as many engaged people as possible.