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Client Story: Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth

Kaptivate Helps Promote NTIA’s Annual Access Broadband Report & Data Dashboard to Congress

Project Highlights

Interactive data dashboard
ADA & 508 Compliance
Collect, cleanse, and configure data derived from 17 Federal Agencies

Impact illustrations

kat kempe

Kat Kempe, Senior Director

NTIA report and dashboard

This report weaves data, data visualization, and narrative to tell the story of federal broadband investments and their economic impact on American communities.

NTIA recognized the need to showcase the transformative power of broadband connectivity and the importance of federal broadband investments in American communities.

Kaptivate collaborated with NTIA to undertake the task of designing, writing, and promoting the Access Broadband Report to Congress, commencing with the 2022 edition.

Our comprehensive solution encompassed an array of objectives:

  • Estimating economic impact
  • Reporting broadband reach
  • Empowering underrepresented communities
  • Deploying an interactive digital dashboard
  • Highlighting community impact case studies

By weaving together data, data visualization, and narrative, we successfully told the story of federal broadband investments and their profound economic impact on American communities.

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