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Client Story: Department of Education

Kaptivate provides support services for the Department of Education's advanced research projects

Project Highlights

Design, deployment, and national technical assistance of the Career Z prize challenge 

Design and Development of Raise the Bar website

Development of Secretary’s video scripts, video, talking points, and video production 

Execution of high visibility events

ADA, 508 Compliance

jenn stein

"I've had the amazing opportunity to create and lead our high school internship program, a project focus on work-based learning - something I'm personally passionate about, and I get to do it with the amazing Kaptivate team - both staff and contractors."
Jenn Stein, Senior Director

Career Z Challenge
Unlocking Career Success

Kaptivate is one of two vendors participating in the Experimental Design and Advanced Research Projects Accelerator (ED ARPA) BPA. In this role, Kaptivate provides the Department and the Office of the Secretary with support services for their advanced research projects.

Kaptivate is a participant in the Department of Education’s Experimental Design and Advanced Research Projects Accelerator (ED ARPA) BPA. This BPA has enabled Kaptivate to play a key role in the discovery, design, and deployment of the Departments top priorities. Our work has included the design, management, and national technical assistance for the Career Z Challenge--a multi-phase multi-year prize competition seeking innovative solutions to re-imagine work-based learning (WBL) for high school students.

Kaptivate has also coordinated two high visibility ED events. The first addressed Developing Student Learning in Data Science (March 2022). The second, sponsored White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), was a Roundtable on Ensuring Safety and Opportunity in STEM Environments. Our work on behalf of the Department also included the design of Raise the Bar: Unlocking Career Success’ web presence--a project launched and completed within a single month.

Our ED ARPA work has demonstrated our extraordinary capability to source and scout an array of SMEs in education and at national scale. This work also has highlighted our agility and ability to drive a broad array of departmental priorities. Despite pertinent late breaking news and condensed timelines, Kaptivate executed on high quality event experiences. We then used these experiences to launch communities that can sustain these mission priorities.

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